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Carter: Summers of Love by Pepper Paris | Book Release #ASMSG #virtualassistant

CARTER” book one in Pepper Paris’ debut series called Summers of Love has just released! One BookBub Reviewer has said, “I enjoyed this book. The storyline is exciting, and the characters are well developed. The ending leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait for the next book!”

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Roxy: It was supposed to be our last summer of freedom before we all parted ways. When our plans changed forcing me to make a decision on our last night together. How could I choose between the four of them and what if I didn’t have to?

Carter: Roxy thought the four of us couldn’t love her, but I think we’d all been in love with her for years. The others were all gone and it was my turn to prove that I was more than just the boy next door.

A Why Choose Contemporary Romance

Unedited Book Excerpt :

I started to see what he thought when he didn’t answer, but found myself caught inches from his mouth with my body between his and the counter.
“Carter?” I asked hesitantly.
He didn’t say anything and I couldn’t help my lips closing the small distance.
They tasted like coconut and exploring them blocked out all other thoughts. Twisting in his arms so that I could get better access didn’t even take thought as my body moved of its own accord. So soft I felt like licking them when he groaned. Ah I was doing something right. Following my instinct, I ran my tongue over the top lip and he opened then slightly for me to enter.
This was so different from what I was used to with Carter and I unconsciously curled my leg around his, pulling him closer. His chest was rubbing against me.
His dad cleared his throat and we both jumped apart self-consciously. “Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I believe that’s my phone on the counter.”
“Oh, umm, you can’t have it back yet.” I wiped at my lips noticing they were slightly swollen.
“And why is that may I ask?” He placed a hand on hips with a perplexed expression.
“Well, we were…”
I jumped in because I was used to facing a parent’s anger, “I was putting a dating app on your phone. I just needed to publish it first.”
“What?” He sputtered. “Why would you do that?”
“Dad, you need to meet new people. We tried to think of hobbies and all we could think of was work and watching t.v. in the evenings. I don’t want you to be lonely when I out or eventually leave home. Even if you don’t marry someone else, there has to be someone that can to sporting events with you or gardening conferences.”
“Kids, I’m so impressed.” He placed a hand over his heart, “On the one hand it means you think I have an old person’s life, but it’s nice to know that you care enough to worry about me.”
“Now, let’s see how this thing works so if I get a response I can answer. I’m not about to let the two of you answer prospective dates.” He grinned taking the phone from me.
“I need to warn you, some of the women on these apps are just out to get a free meal or mooch off of you.” He froze when his dad gave him a withering look. “Uh, I know you have common sense, I just don’t want you to get taken advantage of.”
“Agreed. I’ll meet everyone in public places and only have sex in the back seat of the car. I will only take enough cash to cover dinner so that they can’t steal my wallet while we are doing it.”
Carter groaned and placed his fingers in his ears to block out his dad’s words.
“Mr. P, I think you’ve got it covered. We just want you to be safe, it’s a crazy world out there. People aren’t always who they seem to be.”
I pulled on Carter’s elbow forcing him to leave the room, but I could hear Mr. Parks muttering under his breath with a smile on his face. “Silly kids think I need protecting when it’s the parents job to do that for them.”

Pepper Paris is a mom of three girls. Married, but love romances. I’m a sucker for a good romance that takes me to new places where I can meet new people and fall in love all over again.

When I’m not reading or writing the next book, I’m watching one of my many t.v. shows and working on craft projects.

If you can’t see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

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