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Happy April 1st / April Fool’s Day – A Horse Veterinary Meme

Today is April Fool’s Day! Has anyone pulled a prank today? I haven’t, but this post is a prank in a way too. As the above horse veterinary April Fool’s Day meme was one I had created for a client of mine (photo setup was mine, verbiage mine, with a cute free stock photo of a horse playing in the grass) but it got denied posting approval.

In truth, I have no issues with it not getting approved, as I agree some of the veterinary clinic’s clients might not find it as humorous and silly as I do. Yet, I just couldn’t not share it some way either because I do find it cute and funny. In addition, with me assisting a horse veterinary practice for the past few months I have heard of a multitude of antics these horses have put their owners and my veterinary co-workers through. 🤣

Therefore, I hope you like the meme I created. Save it and share it around if you’d like!
Also, please comment YAY or NAY to share your thoughts on my meme. 😉

I hope you’ll have a prank free April Fool’s Day or at least an enjoyable day.

Best regards, Jess
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