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My Personal Blog Promotion
(on Jess’ “From Me to You …” Blog) :

  • Free (meaning on Jess’ schedule only) :
    • Featured on my blog
    • Wanting to be reviewed
      • I’m happy to receive any books that you’d like me to review. Yet, I will warn you now my TBR list is quite extensive so I cannot promise a time frame as to when it’ll be read/reviewed.
          [However, if it’s not a part of the genre I usually read then I probably won’t be reviewing it.
          Here the type of genres Jess usually reads:
          — General Fiction
          — Entertainment
          — Romance
          — Erotica
          — Teens & YA
          — Children’s
          — Science Fiction & Fantasy
          — Paranormal
          — Historical

    • Previously Read Book Promo
      • Have I already reviewed your novel? If so, I offer a way to promote your book sales while promoting myself too … just need to let me know about them in at least a week or two in advance and I’ll help if I have time (promoting through hootsuite to my social sites from the day the sale starts to its end).
      • If you ask for this free service they will look like some variation of this…
  • Blog Tours from other promotion companies :
    • If you are a tour company that would like to have my “From Me to You…” Blog on your list or an author that would like me to join your tour than please let me know and I’ll see if I have time to take a spot on the tour schedule.