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The Easter Bunny | From Jess to You Services’ Throwback Thursday of Cringey #Essay

Back in April of 2003, I was a senior in High School with idealistic dreams and had the belief that there was good in everyone. In some ways I still hold to those beliefs, yet I have had my eyes opened more since I wrote this essay for my High School English class. Nevertheless, even with my terrible sentence structures and with my much needed edits, I do like the essay as it kind of still holds true today, paragraph three at least. I find, upon reread, that the main point of this essay is that some clichés do hold some truth. So, enjoy or don’t … comment to let me hear your thoughts about this old throwback of mine. I will state, for me, it’s that last paragraph that is the cringiest as I can see that I truly didn’t know how to end this essay at all.

This is the actual essay. Click to see it in a large format if interested.

This is the transcribed essay that will include all original essay errors, however it is only of paragraph three as I truly don’t enjoy any part of this essay except that paragraph.

I learned that I should not put all my eggs into one basket and if I do put them all in by accident then I should walk softly. Everyone (even me) should get at least one best friend that is all ears. There is no such thing as too much candy. If I do all work and no play then it can make me a basket case. If I stay in shape or have a cute little tail it will attract a lot of attention. I can be entitled some days to have a bad hare day. Always I should try to let my happy thoughts multiply like rabbits. Good things come in small-sugarcoated packages. The grass can usually be greener in someone else’s basket. To show my true colors I have to come out of my shell.

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