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The Psychic Gallery with Empowerment Psychic Halley Élise – December 4th 2019 #SouthernFloridaEvents @PsychicHalleyE


with Halley Élise
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4th 2019 at 7:30 PM

The Psychic Gallery is a forum in which you have the opportunity to:

  • Have your questions answered psychically.
  • Get guidance on important matters.
  • Understand how to create peace and health.
  • Gain a working knowledge of what centered and clear means.
  • Learn quick techniques to access your Psychic/Intuitive ability.

Greenhouse Office Building – (Downstairs for this event)
5301 N. Federal Hwy.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Ticket Prices:
⭐️ $28.00 – ACT NOW for this Discounted Entry through this link
⭐️ $33.00 – Cash at the Door

Questions: 561-755-2166

Come to The Psychic Gallery & join Empowerment Psychic Halley Élise for your answers as she will introduce you to the world of Psychic phenomena. You may ask a specific question about love, health, career, etc. or just allow what message is there for you.

We all have questions, concerns, need guidance, & to unveil what is just under the surface or just beyond what we think we see.

Hattie Parker, MS Ed, will be joining me as a guest speaker. For more than 25 years Hattie has applied wisdom gained from consulting Astrology/Numerology, Card and Aura Imaging Readings to help others to live an enriched higher wisdom and authentic life.

Also, Ruby from Ruby’s Healing Crystals will be joining us with incredible gift options for that special someone. Gorgeous gemstones that are natural 100% authentic uncut jewelry-grade straight from the mines. They possess very strong healing elements and are supercharged with energy!

You don’t want to miss this Gallery!

Official Website URL: https://www.halleyelise.com/Content/SpecialEvents.htm

Google Map of Halley Élise’s Business Location & Psychic Gallery Event Location:

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