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Aquarius by A. P. Morgan | @alathiamg’s Book Release #ASMSG #virtualassistant

AQUARIUS: Murders of the Zodiac” is the first book in a series, but it can also be read as a stand-alone. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns! The Murders of the Zodiac series would be perfect for those who enjoy suspense thrillers, especially if they like Patricia Cornwell or J. D. Robb novels too.

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Women were dying and the press is calling him the birthday killer. My first day on the job left me with two unsolved murders and all the signs point to one killer, but who is he?

I don’t want to end up like these women, dead and alone so I try a dating app. Can I let my guard down enough to let someone in when a murderer is on the loose?

Teaming up with Ryan Foxe for an intercity task force, we sort through all the evidence determined to catch this killer.

When a psychic warns us that someone is playing a game with us, Ryan doesn’t believe the cosmic is sending us signs. I think she may be the only one who can help us find this killer before he kills again.

Join Leslie Boxe and her partner Ryan as they match wits against the first zodiac serial killer in this page turning new series.

“So this is just a feeling that you’ve been having, and you don’t have anything concrete to give to us?” Ryan banged a fist on the table, wanting to demand her to answer.

“No, I’m sorry. Honestly, I’m just a college student, I don’t even read palms for a living…If I learn of anything that I can help with, I’ll call you.” She pulled out a blank card and wrote her number on it.

Flora stood, signaling that the interview was over.

“Wait.” I pulled out one of my cards and handed it to her. “I know that he’s still skeptical, but there are many lives at stake, so anything, day or night, please call us.”

Ryan jumped up. “Hold on…you can’t just leave.”

“She needs to find out why things have changed, and she’s seeing things now when she wasn’t only a short time ago.” I nodded for her to go ahead, and blocked him from stopping her.

“I know we’ve just met, but she not only doesn’t fit the profile, she’s too small to have done the crimes. I’m sure that you’ve already ran her, and she had alibis for the times of the murders, didn’t she?”
“Yes,” he growled, slamming a hand on the glass. “Why am I taking orders from you? This is my station, not yours.”

I moved out of the way. “You’re welcome to go after her, but it won’t change the fact that she’s not your killer.”

“How can you be certain?” he challenged, standing over me. “Do you actually believe in all that universe cosmos bullshit?”

“Believe? I’m not sure that’s the correct word for it. Let’s call it curiosity. The cards that were left at all the scenes had the Aquarius sign. That can’t be a coincidence. I think if we do some research, it might lead us in a direction that we wouldn’t have pursued before.” I crossed my arms, willing to defend my position.

“You know what? You’re right, it can’t hurt. We’re already chasing our tails, and we don’t even have a suspect. Let’s take the night and see what we can come up with that might make more sense tomorrow.”

Joe stepped in at that point. “You two ready to let someone else have the room, or are you going to need some privacy for the night?”

A. P. Morgan, also known as Alathia Paris Morgan, is a part-time writer. With the death of her brother in 2013, she decided life was too short to waste the ideas she was given. Since she’d always had stories floating around in her head, she took a shot at writing them down during a NANOWRIMO Camp. She realized quickly that her characters had more than one mystery to solve, which resulted in her Nova Ladies series.
With the support and love of her husband, A. P. continues to bring new worlds to life. Their three daughters and three dogs are more than enough to keep her busy when she is not delivering orders or lost in her imagination.
In her free time, she loves to read and add to her personal library, which has over six thousand books. She also enjoys quilting and watching TV shows while hanging out with her daughters.

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