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Authors & Book Reviewers: Be Aware About Amazon’s Updated Terms of Services #GETLOUD

I hope EVERY reader and book reviewer (no matter what your favorite reading genre may be) has been keeping up-to-date with what has been going on around Amazon as it will definitely mean they’ll be dealing with changes in how they received ARC novels from now on (most likely). So, FIRST I recommend you check out my blog and more specifically my recent post about book stuffing/book stuffers/page stuffing, as it is BECAUSE of them that Amazon is strongly enforcing new rules that changes up the game even more and makes things harder for authors in EVERY genre. Therefore, I am sharing a video that features Suzan Tisdale who explains everything about the Amazon setup and why it is something that everyone should be “in the know” about.

* If you can’t see/watch the below video then click here to watch it on Facebook OR click here to watch it on YouTube. *

I am doing my best in staying up-to-date on everything going on and you all to be aware but it seems like everything is changing at once so hang in there with me please and STAY TUNED! If you have ANY questions about this post’s topic please ask away and I’ll answer as much as I can. Thanks! – Jess

More from Suzan Tisdale :

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