From Me to You

Another Beginning …

… for me and for From Jess to You Services!

Sorry for being kind of quiet around here lately, but my family and I had just “completed” another major move … into a new state and all … so we are just finishing up in “settling in.” *hahaa* I can’t wait to say that once everything has been put away I can relax … but I know that isn’t true. Especially with the NEW UPDATES I have in-store for all of you! AND … because of the LOVELY people who have been hounding my email accounts with book review or help requests. I am really feeling the love everyone and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! ♥

So much to do … but I can’t get into it all in one night as I’d probably bore you after a while. But I’m excited and I hope you are too! =0)

I will leave you with this …
… my new “office area” at my new house! ** HAPPY DANCE **

My Desk - July 2017.png

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