Michele Summers

Sweet Southern Bad Boy by Michele Summers – Video Teaser #2

Here is my second video creation that I made for Ms. Summers’ “Sweet Southern Bad Boy!”

Sweet Southern Bad Boy — Coming December 6th
A Harmony Homecomings Novel – Book 3

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Goodreads : http://bit.ly/2dLFZcg

Synopsis :
Katie McKnight loves her job. Not really. But Katie loves her dad and this job means everything to him. Which is why she’s scouting for the perfect house to film a mini-series…and that house happens to be in Harmony, NC. Now if only Katie can convince the grouchy, disheveled but totally hunky owner his home is perfect for the next teen craze, she’ll be in business.

​Bestselling author, Vance Kerner has lost his mind along with his loafers and the notes to his next novel, under dirty dishes in his kitchen. Since babysitting his brother’s three kids, he hasn’t found a moments peace. So when California Katie knocks on his door, Vance doesn’t ask questions. He simply yanks her inside and puts her in charge.

Katie agrees to babysit, if Vance allows the film crew access to his property. Vance agrees to keep an open mind as long as he gets the peace he needs to write.

But having Katie underfoot is anything but peaceful. And Vance is finding less and less time to write and more and more time to watch Katie weave a lovely spell on all the Kerners…especially him.

Can these two opposites find a common ground and the love they both deserve?

Music Choice : Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi

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